Wedding Invitation Designs

The wedding invitation designs today are a far cry from those formal style invitations which used to happen in my parents' time.

If marriages are made in heaven, then wedding invitation can be easily called the gateway to heaven.

My relationship with my boyfriend had been no short of magic. When we decided on our wedding, we planned that everything about it should be out of this world. So, we also planned to invite guests in a different and very unique manner.

I wanted to make sure our wedding invitation designs would look exactly the way we wanted them to.

I got them here!

Wedding Invitation Wording & Etiquette

1. Selecting Your Invitation Designs
2. Ordering
3. When to Order
4. The Value of a "Preview"
5. How Many to Order
6. When to Mail
7. Wording Your Invitation
8. Basic rules of etiquette
9. Traditional Wording, line by line (Weddings)
10.Wording For (nearly) Every Social Situation of Weddings

...and much, much more. Honestly I never found better place on the Internet than this one! They show you every single step on the way!

So, the whole family jumped in for an evening of fun and the excitement: choosing between modern and traditional wedding invitation designs and wording.

Dad was in the opinion of writing something like, "Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomson request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter Marilyn". He also suggested photo wedding invitation designs.

My boyfriend told him that it would be better if the wedding invitations could be from our end. After much thought, my parents gave in to the idea.

My mother agreed, "well, you can have our blessings, if you think you are fine with inviting guests, you can just go ahead." And we went right ahead.

We invited friends, guests, our parents’ friends and a lot many people we knew with a simple sentence, "we would be privileged if we have your presence on our wedding ...."

I mean it is not that the informal or more modern kind of wedding invitations are really exceptional or something like that. The only thing is that it leaves a friendly and ‘c’mon man, be there will you?" kind of touch. In fact one of my friends, Jane said that she appreciated the fact that my husband and I had done everything on our own for the wedding.

It is quite true, when we take independent decisions, you do not have to rely on anybody else. This is the biggest satisfaction you can get, freedom to do what you want to do.

Catherine, my husband's friend chose photo wedding invitation designs. I did find that idea very unique and different. Her guests loved it too and my father just said "I told you". Well, OK I will makes sure to order them for baby shower :-)

OK back to our wedding:

So, we decided to order modern, custom wedding invitation designs kit from one stop wedding invitation place!

The outer envelope had a design of the flowers and a bow, faintly on the background while the inner envelope had a same design. The reception card was enclosed alongside the wedding invitation designs.

There are a lot of people who receive the invitations but do not respond quickly. So we made sure that we send response cards where we made clear as to how many kind of ice creams were required, what flavors, what kind of music was cherished for the party apart from a lot of other things. Talk about feedback!

The best thing was the thank you card. A lot of guests made quite an impression on us during the wedding. To put it simply, their presence and the warmth they exuded on our wedding would be an understatement. So my husband and I wrote a thank you card to each one expressing our heartfelt thanks by penning them.

Oh and one more thing, just for fun, we sent a wedding invitation to God. He may not have turned up but we sure had his presence in us through his blessing. The charm still continues thanks to the wedding invitations.

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