Wedding Gift Idea

Get original wedding gift idea with my help! Bridal gift is a part and parcel of the wedding. The gifts we received on our wedding were no short of impressive and fascinating. No wonder we felt so gifted afterward.

I remember my husband and I leafing through some exciting wedding gifts. I personally loved the wedding frame gifted to us by my fourth grade teacher.

It was really sweet with a golden circular frame. We placed our romantic dating picture within that frame. That lovely frame had us framed for life in love.

My husband, he is a crazy nut for time management, was really interested in the sand clock gifted to us by my uncle (another time piece guy, I should say!). It had a catch line which said, "Breeze through the sands of time with everlasting love".

I was touched by the sight of a lovely aquarium which had the most beautiful cute fishes moving and frolicking in a delightfully lit ambience of sparkling water.I found that to be a very original wedding gift idea.

Also the other gift which would be dear to me would be the shapely vase which had illuminated flowers. My husband says that he remembers me whenever he sees the vase. He says the flowers remind him of me but I have a strong suspicion it is the shapely figure of the vase.

Of course there were other wedding gift ideas: French perfumes, a fashionable dinner set and jewelry set among other assortment of gift sets.

You know what we found in the end. The gifts you get from your close friends would be either ones which could add value to your married lifestyle or something which could be an eye candy.

Some wedding gifts could be ones which may not be exactly our favorite but the guests could gift it to us as an expression of their love. But if I would send you a wedding gift, I would give you one which you would like, even if it is inexpensive. After all it would be invaluable to you because you ‘cherish’ it.

On my friend Karan’s wedding (he is from India) we tried our best brainstorming ideas as to what wedding gift would be appropriate for him. Since we were just out of college there, we friends collected some pocket money and gifted him an idol of Krishna, the Hindu god. We were sure that many years from then, he would not relegate the gift to a corner. We were right. When we went to his house the other day, the ‘Krishna’ idol was still there, standing proud in his prayer room.

I have always believed in knowing a person very well so that when I gift him his/her wedding gift, it stays dear to his/ her heart forever (well, almost)

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