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Have you attended a wedding recently and noticed some of the special wedding couple cake toppers?

Back when I got married (I won’t tell you when that was:) you really didn’t have many choices for wedding cake tops.

There was the standard heart cake top and the very traditional bride and groom cake top and that was about it.

I found out recently, when it was time for my daughter to get married, that today there are an amazing number of specialty cake toppers.

For awhile she thought about having a beach wedding. Have you seen the beautiful beach wedding couple cake toppers?

If you’re like my daughter and want to have a fun wedding, you should take a look at some of the fun wedding cake toppers available.

I think she looked at all the personalized wedding cake toppers before she finally found one she liked.

I never knew that you could find custom designed wedding couple cake toppers like bowling wedding cake toppers or even bride and groom bicycling cake toppers.

What about a reluctant bridegroom cake topper? How cute would that be? I suggested it to my daughter but she decided she liked some of the blown glass cake toppers and beaded wedding cake toppers better than the reluctant groom cake topper.

She ultimately decided on having a Celtic themed wedding so we ended up finding a Celtic wedding cake topper.

Have you ever seen a Celtic cross cake topper? It looks really nice on top of an elegant cake.

Have you decided what kind of wedding couple cake topper you want yet? These days it’s easier than ever to find the perfect cake topper to suit your individual taste.

Although it wasn’t easy a few years ago, now there’s a wide variety of black wedding cake toppers. If you want to do something really interesting, you might even think about going with something like a gator Albert and Alberta cake topper.

Or what about a gold wedding couple cake toppers or a cheerleader wedding cake topper? You probably won’t find anything more unique than Chicago wedding cake toppers.

Budget was a big consideration when she was getting married, so we had to find some cheap wedding cake toppers.

You might think it would be hard to find low price cake toppers that are still fun and unusual, but it really wasn’t. We had so much fun looking for custom designed wedding cake toppers.

Be sure to let me know which cake top you finally choose! I would love to know which wedding couple cake toppers you fell in love with! Home

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