Wedding Cakes Bakery

Wedding Bake Bakery - Chose One that Will Meet Your Need

While going to the wedding cake bakery make sure that you have a cake portfolio handy so that it will help you decide on the kind and type of cake you desire.

Have open communication with the baker. When you shop for the wedding cake bakery, make sure that you dress decently. It works, because the baker considers you as someone important.

My friend Roxanne who visits a bakery on many an occasion, with her friends or relatives to order for wedding cakes, gave me simple tips which could work wonders for you. Here are some of them:

1. Present a list of the guest which could turn up at the wedding. This will give the wedding cake bakery on the amount of cakes required. The pastry chief could make an evaluation as to how many from the list of invitees would actually turn up at the wedding and how many would actually eat a piece or two. The bakery has the expertise and the experience to gauge that.

2. Be clear on the time, location and the delivery of the cake. Tell the wedding cake bakery that the cake design and size should be flexible enough to be changed within a certain date if required. It is better if you have a written contract to that effect with a copy to both the baker and you.

3. Carry a wedding cake picture of your choice or leaf through the photo album of wedding picture gallery at the bakery. Ask them if the person who made some of the cake you like in the album could make for you as well. Ask the pastry chief if he could set a meeting with the baker and the cake decorator who made some of the cakes featured in the album, with you.

4. Be clear cut about the kind of flavor and icing you want on the cake. Do not make compromises if you are determined about the flavor. You can either sample a small bit of the cake or order a mini cake to find out how the cake really tastes like.

5. Speak up to the pastry chief if you are not happy with the delivery time, freezing time and the method of storage used for the cake. Some cakes for example pound cakes, taste better when they are frozen.

6. Another thing which you could do is get friendly with the pasty chief, the master decorator and some of the bakers. When you do that, you make a rapport and you will see that these people would take personal interest in seeing that you get the best. 7. Go to a wedding cake bakery which has had excellent references or look really clean to be on the safe side. Visit bakeries when they are less crowded with customers.

8. Check out customer references. A confident bakery will give you the list of its satisfied customers you could contact to find out more information and tips.

9. When negotiating for the prices, the wedding cake bakery might give you an estimate or tell you that the price could vary on the hours spent on making the cake.

Ask the baker as to how much could the estimate vary from the actual cost and then make a decision. The experience of some of the customers who have ordered wedding cakes from the bakery could also provide help

10. Give in writing about the number and types of cakes you want for the wedding. IF you want a tiered formed cake, be elaborate about that too.

Roxanne’s information and knowledge has paid off rich dividends and I would suggest that you also go through some of the above mentioned steps before shopping for the best cake from the wedding cake bakery. Home

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