Unique, Funny & Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Are you looking for: elegant, personalized, funny, religious or a very unique wedding cake toppers? Let's choose the right one together!

Try to use something unique or out of the ordinary.

So, don’t go for the cheap, tacky plastic bride and groom wedding cake tops that may still be offered by some bakeries.

I make the distinction of "cheap" and "tacky".

There are probably some very wonderful plastic figurines somewhere—after all.

Today there are many high-priced, beautiful cars made with plastic parts that cannot be distinguished from metal parts without rapping on them.

Those "porcelain" figurines from the past that you think would be wonderful to use were very seldom actually porcelain.

Usually they were a fired ceramic, although often unfired and merely painted. Many of them were quickly and cheaply done and were often as tacky as the plastic figures of the ‘50s.

Today we say tacky things that have survived a hundred or more years are quaint and cute, thinking that people from that long ago could not be expected to have the good taste we have today.

Perhaps someone in your family however does have the porcelain or ceramic figurines that graced the top of your parents’ or grandparents’ cake?

Using one of those wedding cake toppers would be unique even if a thousand of them were used on wedding cakes—that is the only one that ever topped their wedding cake!

Fresh or marzipan flowers, spun sugar designs or figurines also make beautiful wedding cake toppers.

How about:

Wedding bells, doves, hearts, or your favorite pets as figurines right next to the bride and groom figurines would make a very personal design.

Custom made marzipan figurines can be made to resemble the bride and groom.

You can also replace human figurines with dressed up teddy bears or other cute or funny animals or your favorite cartoon characters.

Ever thought about dolling up cake-top figurines to reflect your favorite pastimes? Maybe you play the piano, sail or bowl? Use your imagination and surprise your groom :-)

May be he likes a motorcycles?

How about popular choice is fresh or silk flowers, candied flowers, or frosting flowers.

Wedding cake tops like a gazebo - is a beautiful idea. How about your favorite tree or future house on the top of your bridal cake?

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In the case that you can’t find your unique wedding cake tops designs, many companies will make a custom your cake top.

Stacked gift boxes are very interesting cake design, so you may ask your baker to make cake top to look like gift box.

Have a look at this image, you may even ask for a how to match your robe pattern.

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