Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cake Price - How to Cut the Cost ?

There are many ways to lower wedding cake price and cut the cost. Here are some simple wedding cake ideas that will save your money and lower wedding cake price, without sacrificing quality.

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Being different and elegant doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The same goes for wedding cake design, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be unique and chic and it may be cheap, but not look cheap.

Would you like to bake your own wedding cake? Some bakers will actually let you bake the cake. Ask if they offer a "decorating-only" service. That should lower your wedding cake price significantly.

Or if your wedding is small, consider baking and decorating it yourself. A homemade wedding cake is very personal. Click on link bellow to find a lot of help:

Wedding Cake Decorating Tips!

Save lots of money by decorating the cake yourself. Instead of having a pastry chef create sugar flowers and marzipan fruits, order your wedding cake plain and decorate it with fresh flowers or petals, sugar flowers, ribbons, beads, and marzipan.

Candy can also make beautiful decorations. You may use just about any candy you like. Sugared fruit is my personal favorite. Know anyone who is pastry chef?

Ask him or her to bake a cake for your wedding. (Before you do, you may want to look at some sample work to be sure that she or he is able to make your cake.)

You can also look for people who bake from their homes. Some bakers or pastry chefs, charge for delivery and set up.

Have a friend or a family member get instructions on how to set up your cake, and save the delivery and set up costs - lower wedding cake cost!

"Something borrowed" is an old wedding tradition; so you may borrow a cake topper, cake knife, cake stand, or any other wedding-cake accessory from a friend or family member.Vintage cake toppers are very popular these days. To find great selection click on the link bellow:

Compare the taste and quality of different types of wedding cakes to see if you can save a little money by choosing a less expensive cake without sacrificing taste and quality.

However, please do not try to save money and lower wedding cake price, by using cut-rate ingredients. The flavor of your wedding cake matters, so don’t use buttercream that is not made with real butter. Such a cheap cake will be guaranteed not to melt in your guests’ mouths.

See some of the best wedding cake designs for the inspiration: Wedding Cakes: Pics, Pictures - Cake Photo Gallery Home

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