Wedding Cake Idea for Classy Bride

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Looking forunique wedding cake idea? How about 1.000 more?

They say marriages are made in heaven. It's only that the alliances are coupled on earth. There is no better way to celebrate the holy matrimonial alliance than a wedding cake.

The wedding cake as you are aware has a richer meaning than just a pleasant taste and creamy layers. Wedding cake signifies the joy of married life.

It symbolizes how different yet important your wedding is and how much you appreciate your well wishers and friends on being a part of your life and coming to grace the occasion.

three tier pink wedding cake

The right way of decorating the cake, the unique designs and the picture of a wedding cake is very helpful in baking the wedding cake that could be a hallmark of your memorable wedding party.

Robbie Peters was the chef at my wedding. You could imagine the pressure he had to go through for coming up with the best wedding cake idea. It is not an easy job because you have to think of a design and have a picture of the wedding cake that is "tastefully creative".

Tell you what, he did not disappoint because in the end our guests were literally eating from his palm. Our royal wedding cake was so much appreciated that they were seen licking their lips and scooping up the cream from their fingers.

After the wedding, I asked Mr. Peters where he got the wedding cake idea from, including the tasteful decorating and design that he incorporated on the cake. I was thrilled to get the answer.

Well, that is how I discovered this place and better yet became a part of it :-)

I would definitely love to recommend the source of his (our) wedding cake idea.

You will find his secret and 1.000+ wedding cake pictures at: Wedding Cake Idea Home

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