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As I think about a wedding cake bakery, an immediate thought which springs into my mind is the experience I had with Trisha while shopping for a wedding cake.

My maternal cousin Trisha is never satisfied. She always wants more out of life. The best or the worst part of it is that she won’t stop till she gets it.

She finally married at 37 but she has no regrets, because the man who married her was someone who was patient enough to match her eccentricities and quest for perfection. They don’t make men like him any more!

Now that wedding bells were just about to ring, good old Trisha fished up another shocker. She wanted the perfect wedding cake.

orchid wedding cake picture

She called me up and said that she was going for cake shopping from the wedding cake bakery. We went to the bakery close to our home; she did not find it too amazing. Then we tried some more bakeries around the town.

The first day was a failure; the second day also did not go fine because she could not find the right kind of cake for her wedding. We zipped through the town searching for one of the bakeries which could click with her, but in vain. Of course, I did like quite a few cakes but Trisha had other ideas. She had always been armed with a cake portfolio when she went to these bakeries.

Even though the cakes mentioned in her portfolio and cake pictures were present in most of these bakeries, there was something missing, the texture, the color or the frosting. Believe it or not, on the third day we finally settled for an ideal wedding cake bakery.

This was actually the first one we started out with, close to our home!

The wedding cake bakery which we finally settled for did not have her kind of cakes shown on the portfolio (which is why we had turned it down) but it had a lot other interesting varieties of cakes with different flavors and decorations.The pastry chief Alfred Dickson was a smart guy who charmed Trisha. He helped her evaluate the guest list and the three of us prepared an estimate of how many people would turn up at the wedding and how many would actually eat.

Trisha marveled at the way Alfred showed her tips in cost cutting for the wedding cake. He also showed us some impressive photos of cakes and cake decorations. It was difficult to pick the best one to order. The cake we finally settled was a big butter cake with vanilla icing.

Trisha wanted to have the cake decorated really well. “No problems,” quipped Alfred as he told her that he would introduce her to the decorator who decorated the cakes shown on the picture. We met the cake decorator and Trisha told him the exact specifications she wanted for her wedding cake decoration. Sure enough, we left the place after negotiating the price and placing the order for the cake delivery.

The cake from the wedding cake bakery was delivered two hours before the wedding. People loved the wedding and the cake too. I heard people even asking Trisha where she had ordered the cake from.She laughed and said that she had ordered it from the best wedding cake bakery in the town, a few blocks away indeed. I joined her and told them proudly that my sister was so clear about her choice of the cake and its specifications, that she would not stop for anything but the best for her guests.

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Semarang - Central Java - Indonesia

Nathan Cakes

Hello, My name is Nathan. I'm a cake designer, I design not only original and artificial wedding cakes but also birthday cakes, cakes for special occasions cakes, and special orders for cakes are also accepted.

wedding cakes pictureswedding cakes pictureswedding cakes pictureswedding cakes pictures

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