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Are you looking for bakeries or a wedding cake bakeries in USA? Find them here. Someof the bakeries show they cake pictures and that makes it much easier for you to make a right choice!

Also, don't forget that some of your bakeries ship their products worldwide. Check with your favorite bakery.

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My Bakeries Memories

I recall with pride about the time when we had gone as a bunch of friends to the bakeries by our college, because we wanted to order a cake for our friend Betsy’s wedding.

Betsy had earlier shopped for many wedding cake bakeries till she found this one. She had earlier asked for a sample of the cake, a pound cake to know the kind of cake that would be actually made.

She loved the sample and then we decided we would order for a similar cake but with a vanilla icing.

The bakery’s pastry chief Mr. Roy Illingworth was a nice chap, friendly and smiling with a mop of hair on his face. The crazy and curious nut, that I am, expressed my desire to see how a cake is made.

Though Betsy raised her eyebrows, Mr. Illingworth was too accommodating. May be it was because it was late afternoon, where there was hardly a crowd hanging around at those hours.

He led us to the kitchen and showed us the ovens, cake pans, the tins, the wire racks and how bread and cakes were made. He told us also about how much time a cake could take to be baked and how long it is frozen etc.

He pointed to us that certain cakes like carrot cakes and pound cakes actually taste a lot better after freezing. Nobody evet told me that in the other wedding cake bakeries.

Since Betsy was going to have a wedding around the corner, she agreed for the pound cake with vanilla icing.

The wedding cake turned out to be a huge success and the taste of the crowd who had come for the wedding. Weeks later after the wedding, we went to the bakery.

Mr. Illingworth was there attending to some customers. He looked at us, and welcomed us warmly. He asked Betsy how the wedding turned out to be. We all exclaimed in unison that the cake really worked wonders and had cast a spell on most of the wedding guests.

He laughed and said that it was his privilege to serve us the best. So pleased were we with the charm and customer service of Mr. Illingworth, that Betsy joked that she would definitely love to wed again and again so that she could order for more wedding cakes from the bakery.

I would not look for other wedding cake bakeries ever :-)

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