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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers - be Different

Are you as big a fan of unique wedding cake toppers as I am? Sometimes a traditional wedding cake top just simply won’t do at all.

You know what I mean. It seems as if everyone has the same bride and groom cake tops for their wedding and after awhile there’s just nothing special or unique about them.

You want personalized wedding cake toppers to make a statement about your unique relationship.

A friend of mine got married last year and she really wanted her wedding to stand out from everyone else’s, that is why she was looking for unique wedding cake toppers.

She was a little bit older than most brides and so she wanted her wedding, and her wedding cake top to be truly special. So, she enlisted me to help her begin looking for unusual wedding cake toppers about a year before the big day.

I was really amazed at the many different kinds of custom designed wedding cake wedding cake toppers there are.

Did you know that you can get unique wedding cake toppers to represent just about anything?

My friend thought she might want an antique top for her cake so we first started looking at vintage unique wedding cake toppers.

You can find all kinds of really nice vintage cake tops; no matter what your style or budget. Even low price cake toppers can be unique and special.

Well, my friend changed her mind and thought she might want a cake top to represent the special interests she and her then fiancé share.

So, we started to look at a wide variety of specialty cake toppers. He was in the Army when they met so we browsed through Army wedding cake toppers.

They both have an interest in saving endangered species so we also took a look at animal wedding cake toppers.

My friend is a ballerina, so she thought she might also want to look at ballerina cake toppers as well as a ballet cake topper and a ballet slipper cake topper.

Although those were really nice and pretty, she still didn’t find anything to suit her fancy. You might really like some of the fun wedding cake toppers she passed on; however. What do you think about a Barbie cake topper? That would definitely be unique, wouldn’t it?

Since my friend is Asian, we also decided to look at an Asian cake topper to incorporate that theme into the wedding.

Well, finally we settled on a pretty topper we found among some angel wedding cake toppers. It might not have been as fancy as some of the Armani wedding cake toppers we looked at but it was still just as unique.

After making the decision on the unique wedding cake topper, it’s time to decide on a groom’s cake topper. Did you know that you can find everything from a Boy Scout cake topper to jackpot wedding cake toppers?

My friend finally settled on a selection she found among sporty wedding cake toppers.

Looking through all of those pictures of wedding cake tops can be exhausting but at least we found the perfect cake top.

Now, I know just where to look when it’s time to look for baby cake toppers for their first baby shower cake topper.

What do you think about a baby carriage cake topper? Hmmm; do you want to look at some pictures of unique wedding cake toppers I found?

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