Square Wedding Cake Pictures

Square Wedding Cake Pictures

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Have you ever noticed that the wedding cakes people notice the most are usually the unusual wedding cakes?

The square wedding cake pictures that I have seen recently are so charming! I really do think that they are so much more elegant and interesting than many of the round wedding cakes and designer wedding cakes.

A good friend of mine recently asked for some advice on how to plan a unique cake for her wedding.

She is the youngest of five girls in her family and all of her older sisters are already married.

Each one had a very lavish wedding and everything from the bridal shower cakes to the wedding cake itself was breathtaking.

square wedding cake picture My friend, Carolyn, was didn’t want her cakes to come up short when compared to the beautiful cakes her sisters planned.

When she asked for my advice, my first thought was square cakes. While most wedding cakes are traditionally round, the square shape really makes a statement.

I have seen some pictures of cakes made in this shape and design that have turned out very well.

When I suggested square wedding cake pictures to Carolyn she immediately fell in love with the idea.

Her sisters all had very elaborate cakes, complete with fountains and staircases; so this would be something completely different.

We eventually decided to go with a beautiful display of square cakes instead of a large tiered cake.

The final display couldn’t have been more unique or lovely. It was exactly what my friend wanted and I can assure you that no one left there talking about her sisters’ weddings.

This design really is not difficult at all. Basically, the square cakes we chose were petit fours that were decorated in lovely colors to match the rest of the wedding’s themes.

Then we arranged these beautiful little cakes on a multi-tiered tray. Since there was no cutting, there was no muss or fuss and everyone loved this idea.

My friend chose to have her initials and her groom’s initials on the cakes; but you could choose to have any design you wanted. Actually, this idea lends itself well to any type of event. You could incorporate it into baby shower cake designs, a birthday cake design and it would also work well for homemade cake recipes.

If you are planning to travel for your wedding, this idea would certainly make it easier to choose your Las Vegas wedding cakes. Since you don’t have to worry about assembling the cake after you arrive, this is also a great time saver for a birthday cake delivery.

Instead of having birthday cakes delivered, simply deliver a tray of beautiful little cakes. Take a look at some square wedding cake pictures and you’ll see why I love this idea so much.

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