Rolled Fondant Wedding Cake Pictures

Fondant Wedding Cake Picture

If you are planning a wedding in the fall, a perfect cake is one that expresses your tastes and says the words. Looking at a rolled fondant wedding cake picture might put you in the mood for some fun and excitement. You will have an unusual cake that none of your friends will have with all the fruits of fall to fill a fruit basket.

rolled fondant A vanilla cake with some devil food mix as well. The caramel colored wedding cake, with the delicious taste will delight you and your guests. Picture a cake draped with fruit as you read about the beautiful wedding cake you will have for your wedding.

A cake with a sheet cake bottom, layering up with three round, different sized cakes. Every layer where you have open space is filled with fruit such as pears, apples and grapes on a vine on the top of the cake crusading down. Grapes vines also filled the corners of the sheet cake and crusade down to the table. Some might know the fruit as marzipan fruit.

Now the dark caramel frosting is then dusted with gold dust and gold leaf on the sides of every layer. The very top of the cake not only has a grape vine that crusades down but also two pears with the stems locked together to represent your bond.

The rolled fondant wedding cake picture is a dream when you see it; it looks like something that would come from the old Roman days. The gold accenting the caramel frosting glimmers as your cake stands out and become a showpiece. Use this for any type of wedding, especially a fall wedding. You will delight your guests when they see such a beautifully decorated wedding cake.

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