Retirement Cake Decorating Ideas

Retirement Cake Decorating Ideas - it happens to everybody!

Retirement cakes can go in two directions. They can honor the profession someone is retiring from or can be an expression of the retiree’s future plans.

Whichever way you decide to go you can find some great ideas at at our site.

We saw a cake on the Flickr site that was made for the retirement of a district nurse. The cake was fabulous and the figures on the cake were amazingly well done.

My friend was a kindergarten teacher. When she retired we had a cake made of alphabet blocks (mini cakes) and numbers. She loved it.

My sister Ann and I made a cake that looked like a barn and put a few plastic horses and cows on it for a cousin who was retiring from an accounting job to try his hand at farming. We even created some marzipan tomatoes and corn in baskets.

My aunt spent over forty years as a bank teller but her plan for retirement was to spend her time making crocheted blankets and quilts for Warm Up America and other charities. I made her a cake with a “log cabin” quilt pattern.

My friend Jose is a doctor and his wife Keri is a nurse. They are retiring but they aren’t leaving medicine. They are going to take over a free clinic in Haiti from a Dr. who is too ill to keep the clinic open. Their church is helping them to modernize the clinic a bit.

Here is Big Mac retirement cake picture for McDonalds employee:

reitrement cake picture

This one can be made for any retirement party:

retirement cake photo

When my husband retired from his job as a truck driver the secretary/dispatcher in his department made him an eighteen wheeler cake with the company logo on it. She did an amazing job on it. He loved it. The pictures of the cake were lost when we moved.

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