Policeman Wedding Cake Toppers

Have you been looking for cute policeman wedding cake toppers? Sometimes it’s hard to find specialty cake toppers, especially if you are working on a budget.

When I was planning my wedding, it seemed like I spent months looking for personalized wedding cake toppers that I could afford.

A friend of mind recommended a wedding supply company that sold low price cake toppers. At first, I was a little hesitant because although I did have a limited budget, I wanted the wedding cake top I chose to be special.

I’m sure you know what I mean. After all, your wedding day is special and you don’t want some cheap plastic piece of junk on top of your wedding cake.

I was pleasantly surprised when I really began looking at the different varieties of custom designed wedding cake toppers. I even found quite a few fun policeman wedding cake toppers that were unique and well within my budget.

Neither myself nor my groom were police offers so I wasn’t actually looking for police man wedding cake toppers but I did see a lot of them while I was browsing through other humorous wedding cake toppers.

My problem was that my groom had so many hobbies that it was difficult for me to choose between the Nascar wedding cake topper, the motorcycle wedding cake toppers and the hunter cake toppers.

It would have helped if he had an opinion, but he left most of the planning up to me.

I was really amazed at the humorus wedding cake toppers like policeman wedding cake toppers or reluctant groom tops. Let me know if you happen to be looking for a husky cake topper or soldier cake toppers because I saw plenty of those when I was shopping.

If you aren’t sure you want a policeman wedding cake topper you might give some thought to another kind of cake topper groom such as an interchangeable cake topper.

I actually saw a number of those that were really nice. Another idea you might think about using are Irish wedding cake toppers. One shop I browsed through had some lovely glass wedding cake toppers.

Oh, and before I forget I can also point you in the right direction for graduation cake toppers and even a star cake topper; which you can use for just about anything.

So, what kind of cake topper did I finally decide on? It was a hard choice between the cake topper nautical style and the humorous cake topper bicycle couple that I saw. In the end, though I finally decided to go with just a simple heart cake top.

It was just easier that way for me; but the good news is that I now have plenty of experience to help you find the perfect policeman wedding cake toppers.

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