Pictures of Wedding Cakes & Other Celebration Cakes Gallery

Our Gallery with 1.500+ photos and 100+ recipes from around the world

will help you have a memorable celebration!

Have an exquisite cake on the budget!

Our Gallery will help you create the chic, elegant wedding cake, birthday cake, charming baby cake, or a cake for any other special occasion.

You’re going to be the talk of the neighborhood, and for all the right reasons! Order your one of a kind cake and save money too!

We know how tired you are of searching the Internet trying to find that perfect wedding or special occasion cake photo.

Now you can use us to help you easily find the cake of your dreams.

Are you a cake decorator? If so, here’s the place to find cake photos to spark your imagination and help you make different cakes, never seen before.

Just because your Cake is unique doesn’t mean it will cost you more.

Celebrity Cakes

Did you now that Whitney Houston, Ted Turner, Mariah Carey, Mariska Hargitay, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey had a celebration cake from our Gallery?

There were also featured in some famous national and international magazines: Vogue, Modern Bride, Town and Country, and InStyle to name a few. But that’s not all.

They have even made guest appearances on TV shows like Oprah Winfrey, The Today Show, and Martha Stewart Living.

Now, it's your turn!

Bakery Directory

You will notice that our Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes also contain value information about the artist or bakery, including the name and telephone number.

If you see your perfect cake made by a bakery in Paris but you live in Texas – No problem! Some of these beautiful cakes from our Gallery can be shipped all over the world!

wedding cakes

Here is a taste of what kind of cakes you will find in our Cake Gallery:

1. Over 1.000 pictures of wedding cakes

2. Over 500 pictures of special occasion cakes:

Groom Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes

Corporate Cakes

Other Special Occasion Cakes

Stop Wasting Precious Time and Money:

I know the problem, wasting hours and hours going over the Internet vainly trying to come across that perfect wedding, birthday or other celebration cake only to discover the same clones that are not in any way special.

Are you completely fed up of going from one bookstore to another looking for pictures of wedding cakes?

You are going to save a huge amount of time and money by browsing through the Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes.

Now it is just so easy to choose and order your unique wedding, birthday or any other celebration cake. Do you really want to waste a sack load of dollars on books and magazines for a wedding cake picture?

How to Get the Most Unique Elegant Cake

Use our Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes (+1000 pics) unique cake designs as the basis for your inspiration.

Tell the baker exactly what kind of amazing wedding, birthday or other special occasion cake you want!

First of all you need to pour that cup of coffee, kick your shoes off and relax. Try leaving the phone off the hook, too. Done that?

Right, now open your Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes, choose the cake pictures you like and add your own imagination to the mixture.

You know you want to be different, don’t you? The most exciting part of our Cake Photo Gallery is that each and every cake is totally configurable to your exact specifications.

You are now able to have your cake changed by the pastry chef. Change the icing color, add, remove or change the decorations to the ones of your choosing. Even the shape and number of layers is totally up to you. What this means is that you can use any cake for any occasion!

So you like one aspect of a wedding cake and another aspect of a birthday cake? Well combine them if that is what you want! Open up your imagination and remember that there are no limits while using Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes

pictures of wedding cakes

Cake Magic

Your loved are going to remember your cake for years if you add your personal touch to it.

The people that you have invited will be picking their jaws up off the floor when they see the work of art you have created.

The wedding cake pictures which you will proudly be able to show to your children and even grandchildren!

What is the most photographed object at any celebration? The flowers? Of course not, it’s the cake! The center-piece of the celebration.

The Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes are intended to burst your imagination into life, making it simple for you to create an original and breath-taking cake.

Why bother going to the local bakery where they have the same old cakes that all your neighbors and family have most probably ordered for themselves in the past?

Now you can begin with a picture of a cake that no one you know will have ever seen, then modify it to match your personality.

The next step is to show your dream wedding cake pictures (or any other celebratory cake pictures) to the pastry chef at your local bakery and discuss the creation and decoration procedures of your cake.

You are going to create the wedding or birthday cake of your dreams with the help of our cake decorating resources! You’ll end up with a wonderfully chic and original wedding cake. pictures of wedding akes

So, do use the help of our Photo Gallery with + 1.300 Pictures of Wedding Cakes, Birthday and Other Special Occasion Cakes... to have a classy and unforgettable cake!

P.S. If you have the time (or even if you don’t!) don’t miss taking a glance at Swarovski Crystal Wedding Cake Toppers, Monograms, Hearts, Butterflies and Flowers (as appeared on the wedding cake of Mariska Hargitay). You will be enchanted at the elegance and stunning beauty of these handcrafted items.

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