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Flower Cupcakes For Birthday Or Wedding

If a picture of flower cupcake for birthday or wedding does not catch your eye, than maybe you are not experiencing the beauty of such a beautiful creation.

If a wedding or a birthday finds you needing something that nobody else as ever had, these beautiful flower cupcakes will delight everyone.

They are almost to glorious to even eat as many have said. When placed on a tray side-by-side will have you thinking a garden has sprung up before your eyes and the sweet smell of sweetness will only enhanced the feeling.

Imagine a cupcake holder with eighteen flower tops sitting on a table. You have a pink rose, sunflower, pink rose, red rose, an orange obsession, some dark purple and pink spike flowers as well as beautiful greens around the base of the flower.

Looking at such an array of color makes one feel the presents of the outdoors, indoors. You will think they are for a flower arrangement and not a cupcake. These cupcakes make a nice centerpiece and then surprise everyone as you hand them out for a taste. Your guests will squeal with delight at such a beautiful creation.

How to easily make flower decoration for cupcake

This video explains how to easily decorate cupcakes. For this decoration you will need baked vanilla cupcakes and some butter cream which you will apply on top of the cupcake using knife or spatula.

Then smooth the butter cream with a brush and some water. Next step is to take yellow fondant, stretch it and roll it up not to be neither thick nor thin.

Take a suitable cutter, cut the desired shape and put it on top of the cupcake. Carefully go around the cupcake with your hands making the surface smooth. Then take pink fondant and with flower fondant cutter cut the flower. Stick it on the yellow fondant.

Then take some green fondant, make the stem and two leaves and also stick it next to the flower. At the end take some black fondant, make the center of the flower and stick it in the middle of the flower.

flower cupcake pictur

More about flower cupcakes

The picture of flower cupcake for birthday or wedding does not do the real thing justice, a beautiful array of color for a summer or fall wedding as well as a special thought for a birthday party treat. With these flower cupcakes, you do not need anything else to say happy birthday.

These are great for adult birthdays and teen birthdays as well. There are many occasion you could have these flower cupcakes for including baby showers and bridal showers. Picture a beautiful garden right on your table intriguing your friends and family and having them ooh and ah over how green your thumb must be.

Cupcake wedding cakes are becoming a popular trend in many weddings. One of the advantages of having cup cakes is that the cakes can be made in many flavors. Every guest is sure to find at least one flavor that they like. These cakes can also be made well in advance and then frozen in air-tight containers. A cupcake wedding cake can be aesthetically arranged to look stunningly beautiful.

So, there are literally thousands of different cake pictures on this site which can inspire you to make your own designs that are truly unique and beautiful.

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