Picture Of Exotic Flower Wedding Cakes

Picture Of Exotic Flower Wedding Cakes

The most beautiful picture of exotic flower wedding cake one could ever imagine is done in all white with pale green leaves, white flowers and a yellow center inside the flower.

A wedding cake all in white with a few touches of other colors is a bride’s dream cake. Not just the cake but also the beautiful flowers and the placement of the flowers make it elegant.

Any wedding planer should recommend such a beautiful creation for the bride to be. This cake is a true wedding cake with a flower arrangement that might even go along with your wedding bouquet.

A three layer towering round wedding cake with white frosting with each layer having a white beading accenting each layer. Starting at the top you see a beautiful bouquet of calla lily flowers with a yellow center all facing the front of the cake. Positioned in such a way that the pale green leaves, peek out over the lilies a little.

From there the vine of flowers and leaves, crusade down to the second layer where they have a smaller bouquet that crusades down to the top layer of the bottom cake. From this small bouquet the flowers crusade down to the cake plate, hook to the left, and lay on the plate.

On the sides, you have a single flower on the bottom cake top for a look of a flower that fell to the ground. This beautiful picture of exotic flower wedding cake will show you the beauty that a white cake with these elegant flowers adds to the wedding table. This cake will look elegant in any wedding pictures with both of you holding the knife cutting the cake for the first time together. A must have cake for any wedding.

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