Picture Of Animal Cake Toppers

Custom Made Animal Cake Toppers

If you have every seen a picture of cake toppers and wondered where some people come up with these ideas, you are definitely in the right place.

Animal toppers can be custom made by contacting us and telling us what you would like for a cake toper.

These superb toppers can be used on any cake. You might have a part for the junior baseball player who hit a home run and want to make a special cake with a tiger on top. These animal toppers are available for any occasion.

Imagine a cake topper with a tree stump with a base and a swing hanging from one if the branches with an elephant holding on and swinging. This nice topper can be a nice conversation piece as well. Another one of my favorites is an antique bathtub, one on four legs with a hippo sitting inside.

This topper says many things and always has people laughing. You have always heard that old saying “when pigs fly”, well imagine giving someone a cake with a pig inside an old time flying airplane. These three are tastefully done and a surprise for any person you need a unique cake topper for.

If you have an interest in dogs, imagine a Basset Hound head and front paws sitting on top of the garbage can. This can be replaced with any dog you want by just contacting us. If you see a picture of animal cake topers that intrigues you give a shout and we will discuss anything you have as an idea.

There are so many different ideas for a cake topper and the favorite is animals for many. Whether you want dogs, cats, elephants, hippos or other animals, you can have what you want with a base of your choice as well.

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