Patriotic Cake Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Cake Decoration Ideas - you deserve these designs!

We Americans love to celebrate any day that can be considered a patriotic occasion and of course these celebrations deserve patriotic cake designs.

My daughter made a flag cake using cupcakes for the stripes and mini muffins for the stars. She made the cake at a party for disabled vets at the local VFW/Veteran’s of Foreign War.

Everyone loved the cake. I knew she was making the cake but didn’t know what the design was to be until I got to the party.

She also made a cake that looked like a Cold War era vessel that patrolled the waters between the United States of America for her father-in-law on Veteran’s Day.

My mom could make just about any kind of cake. She once made a cake in a coffee can and decorated it to look like a firecracker for my cousin’s Fourth of July birthday.

She also made several cakes in loaf pans and cut and decorated them to look like a freight train. This cake was for my brother’s birthday the year he got his train set in about 1951-1952.

She also made Nativity cakes by baking cakes in her thick pottery bowls turning them upside down on a plate and scooping out a “cave”. She placed a small plastic manger scene in the cave and decorated the cake with green and white coconut on a chocolate cake.

A so called friend begged for a cake and even offered to buy it. So mom did it. Two days later the local bakery where the friend’s sister worked was selling the same exact design including the same colors of icing that mom used.

Of course at the time there was no way of proving it and so mom just let it go. She was always careful after that about who got her cakes.

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