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You know that monogram - initial cake toppers are getting more and more popular these days. That is why you are here :-) My cousin Gabby didn't know where to go to find monogram top. She had hard time looking all over the places.

Finally one day she decided to go on the Internet (I told her to do so long time ago, but she wouldn't listen. Anyway, she did find one place that she fell in love with. Her fiancé loved the idea of monogram - initial cake toppers as well. That was a good news! His favorite were silver monogram cake toppers.

I have the pictures from my parents' wedding and I loved the monogram, initial cake topper so much. I could not use it for my cake, since it would not match my husband's name :-)

However, I got it as a precious gift and it is very dear to me, as you can imagin. Who knows, maybe my daughter will find a husband with the same initials and then, my parents' monogram - initial cake topper will shine again :-)


Most of you will agree with me that as any kind of celebrations is incomplete without a cake, a cake is incomplete without amazingly beautiful cake toppers.

There are many different kind of cake toppers but monogram cake toppers take a very special place as they are becoming more and more popular in recent years. They are the perfect way to adorn the cake.

Being so unique, they could build up the atmosphere of the party you are organizing. There are numerous different types of monogram cake toppers in various colors and designs made of different materials.

The monograms are usually the initials of the name of the person whom the party is or they are numbers in a variety of fonts and styles. These cake toppers are something unique and at the same time the ideal way to customize the look of your cake.

Attractive and elegant as they are, monogram cake toppers will last a lifetime and will certainly be the best reminder of your special day.

Vintage Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

This unique monogram cake topper is ideal for weddings and will certainly make your cake look astonish and elegant.

The sparkling and glimmering any letter cake topper is made from hundreds Swarovski crystals with round and marquise diamond shaped crystals which gives the topper modern vintage look.

This elegant and unique monogram cake topper gives cake attractive and glamorous appearance and long lasting memory for the wedding day.


I bought the Vintage Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Monogram for my wedding cake last month and was very pleasantly surprised.

First I didn't believe it will look as I saw on the Internet but I wanted my wedding cake look elegant and modern which I achieved with this lovely monogram cake topper. Swarovski crystals were shimmering so beautifully that I was amazed.

Vintage Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

Crystal  Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

Crystal Monogram wedding Cake Topper

This stunning Crystal Monogram wedding Cake Topper Initials is sterling silver plated with lot of Swarovski rhinestone crystals. On the bottom of the topper is 4" prongs which secure the topper stand on the top of the wedding cake and makes decorating the cake more easier.

Wedding cake with this outstandingly wonderful cake topper will look unbelievably elegant and refined. It is fancy, modern, and amazingly beautiful giving the wedding cake stylish look.


Without Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers Initial my wedding cake wouldn't be so sophisticated and lovely. I was very satisfied with this stunning product.

It made me feel very happy and proud on my wedding day. My wedding cake with this lovely cake topper looked the most beautiful wedding cake I have ever seen. And I am not exaggerating.

All my guests told me that they adore my Crystal Monogram Wedding cake topper.

Wedding Star Brushed Silver Monogram Letter D

This monogram cake topper is crafted of silver-plated metal. It is very elegant cake topper which add style and beauty to the wedding cake. It is 3" high and may be used for birthday cakes as well as anniversaries cakes.


Very pretty and nice cake topper. It looked interesting on my sister's wedding. Although I am not very fond of cake toppers, I liked this one very much.

Monogram cake topper D

Initial letter monogram cake topper

Swarovski Crystal Vintage Elegance Monogram wedding cake topper

This Swarovski Crystal Vintage Elegance Monogram wedding cake topper is something that will certainly impress the guests with its dazzling and outstandingly beautiful design.

It is made of lot of shimmering Swarovski crystals round and diamond marquise shaped stones. Ideal for weddings and anniversaries cakes.

At the bottom, it has 4" prongs to easily slide into the cake and keep it upright on the cake. Swarovski crystals give this cake topper sparkling effect with elegant vintage design.


When I decided to buy Swarovski Crystal Vintage Elegance monogram wedding cake topper I wasn't so sure that it would match my wedding cake.

When it arrived it looked beautiful but when I put it on the cake it was a little bit small since my wedding cake was very large.

However, it didn't turned out so bad. It is an elegant cake topper which is perfect for smaller cakes. Although it was small I must say it was a cute decoration for the cake and all in all I was satisfied.

Silver Monogram Number Cake Topper

If you want your birthday cake look awesome use this lovely silver monogram cake number cake topper.

It is silver cake topper ideal for birthday cakes but also can be used for other occasions like anniversaries. Each number measures 3,5" high.

At the base, it has a pick to hold it securely in your cake. This lovely cake topper will look amazing on top of your birthday cake.


Just what I was looking for! Very nice cake topper, which looked pretty on my daughter's birthday cake. Highly recommended.

Silver letter monogram cake topper

Completely Covered Swarovski crystal monogram

The Completely Covered Swarovski crystal monogram cake topper is absolutely breathtaking cake topper which makes wedding cake look stylish and sophisticated.

It is silver plated and completely covered in Swarovski crystals. This elegant monogram cake topper is not only perfect for wedding cake but also for birthday or anniversary cakes.


When I was getting married I designed my wedding cake. Since I like glamorous things I wanted my wedding cake look glamorous.

So I decided to buy the Completely Covered Swarovski Crystal monogram cake topper as I was amazed when I saw it on my friend's wedding cake.

It looked fabulous on my wedding cake too. The cake was very beautiful and all my guests told me that they haven't seen such cake before.

Monogram initial cake topper

Cake top Silver Rhinestone Monogram-R

The Cake top Silver Rhinestone Monogram-A is perfect cake topper for wedding cakes. However, it can also be used for other occasions' cakes such as engagement parties, showers or anniversaries.

The letter is 5.5" tall, is silver plated and at the bottom it has a prong for easy sliding into the cake. It has decorative grooves and couple of clear rhinestones.

Such beautifully designed wedding cake topper gives a cake extraordinary look and is perfect for those who are fond of stylish wedding cake decoration.


I have seen plenty wedding cakes with many different decorations but most of them were very dull. When my sister was getting married, I persuaded her to buy a monogram cake topper.

She couldn't decide which one to choose so I picked Caketop Silver Rhinestone Monogram which perfectly matched with the cake. My sister was so happy that she told me she would keep this monogram cake topper forever.

I would recommend it to all of you who like these kinds of cake decorations.

Silver Monogram initial cake topper

Fully Covered in Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Letter S

Fully Covered in Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Letter is hand-made and has hundreds of built-in genuine Swarovski crystals.

With its sparkling crystals, this lovely cake topper provides cakes elegant and breathtaking appearance. Beside wedding cakes, it perfectly fits the birthday and anniversaries cakes.

It is ideal choice for those who wish their cake has unique and refined design.


Stunning offer! I would recommend this lovely product to all of you who like elegant cakes.

This cake topper is unbelievable beautiful that all my quests on my birthday party were speechless. So, if you have doubts about this product all I can say is that it is WONDERFUL!!!

Monogram initial cake topper letter s

Crystal Rhinestone Monogram Gold Cake Topper Initial

Wedding cakes may sometimes look very simple but with the monogram cake toppers their look will be changed into very elegant and attractive.

Crystal Rhinestone Monogram Gold Cake Topper Initial is ideal for wedding cakes making them uniquely beautiful. It is made of gold fully covered with Swarovski crystals.

This elegant cake topper is perfect for anniversary cakes, birthday cakes as well as engagement cakes. Swarovski crystals add that special touch making this cake topper gorgeous.


I purchased Crystal Rhinestone Monogram Gold cake topper Initial for my daughter's wedding cake and we both were very pleased with the glamorous look of this cake topper.

At first we didn't believe it would be so beautiful as we saw on the photos but when it arrived we were delighted. It stood on top of the wedding cake and made my daughter's wedding be as in fairy tales.

The wedding cake with this lovely cake topper was stunning. Highly recommended!

 Wedding Cake Topper Letter G

Monogram Cake Toppers from

We are an online wedding accessories shop offering a gorgeous selection of high quality, Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Toppers and Cake Jewelry at Unbeatable Prices! Our Monogram cake toppers are perfect for adding a personal touch, as well as some drama and pizzazz to your cake!

Our cake jewelry is beautifully designed with genuine Swarovski Crystals, for the ultimate in sparkle! Whether you need it for a birthday cake, anniversary, Quinceanera, Sweet 16 or to add something special to your wedding cake, our quality cake décor acts as the perfect compliment!

Our high quality, Swarovski crystal monogram cake toppers make an elegant statement on the top of any cake, and are a beautiful keepsake!

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