Miniature Edible Cake Decorations

Step by Step Instructions how to Make Miniature Edible Cake Decorations

Decorating cakes has never been easier than nowadays as there is a huge range of edible cake toppers available on the market.

Between very rich offer of the things that make our cake look outstanding and amazing, miniature edible cake decorations take very significant place in baking industry.

No matter which one of many beautiful miniature edible cake decorations you are going to use, they will give the cake an instant final addition. When you see them sitting on top of the cakes, making them the most beautiful piece of art, you will realize that an ordinary plain cake is not nearly as pretty as it is with them.

They can be in many different shapes and colors but all of them looks very cute and sometimes it is mostly difficult to decide which one to choose for your special cake.

1. Interesting Miniature Edible Cake Decoration - Miniature Edible Roses

Miniature Flowers Roses Cake Decorations

Miniature edible roses are very elegant miniature cake decorations which can be used for decorating cakes for any occasions. If you like these miniature roses this video will help you learn how to make them out of florist paste which is very similar to gum paste. Also you will see that you can decorate cakes and cupcakes with these lovely miniature edible roses. Making these edible roses is very simple as you may see watching the video and I hope you will enjoy while creating them.

2. Step by Step Instruction on How to make Miniature Edible Cake Decorations - Baby Figurine

Miniature Baby edible decoration

Cakes are not so beautiful when they are not decorated. If you think that you are not talented enough to make wonderful cake decorations, watch this video and find out how some of miniature cake decorations can be made. Watching the video will teach you how to make a miniature baby figurine out of fondant. Actually it will explain you how to make all parts of baby body, than how to make a blanket, how to create eyelids, nose and mouth. Also you will see what tools are required when making this interesting miniature edible cake decoration.

3. Have Fun While Making Amazing Miniature Edible Cake Decorations - Mini Crowns

 Miniature Edible Cake Decorations Crowns

Although cupcakes are tiny cakes and are very sweet in themselves, when they are additionally decorated with some miniature edible cake decorations they attract even more attention. If you are willing to learn how to make your cupcakes prettier, watch this video, which will explain in detail how to make miniature crowns which can be used as decorations not only on cup cakes but on larger cakes as well. All of you who are not confident in your skills to make such cake decorations you will find this short tutorial very useful.

4. Amazingly Beautiful Miniature Edible Cake Decorations on this Video - Mini Tea Pot

Miniature Edible Cake Decorations Tea Pot

When deciding to make a cake for Mother's Day you will need an ideal decoration for it. If you wonder which topper would be the perfect one the answer is miniature tea pot and if you don't know how to make it just pay attention to this video and you will find out every detail in the process of making lovely mini tea pots. Also this video gives you the explanation what tools you will use and what materials to use for making this tiny tea pots. I hope you will enjoy watching this video.

5. Instructions How to Make Miniature Edible Cake Decorations - Mini Tea Cups

 Miniature Edible Cake Decorations  Tea Cups

This video is an extension of the previous video where you have learnt how to make mini edible teapots. This time you will see how to make miniature tea cups that matching the teapots seen before. These teacups are also ideal as decoration for Mother's Day cakes. Material that you need for mini teacups is fondant and together with teapots they make very lovely set which will beautify your cake.

6. Useful Tutorial How to Make Miniature Edible Cake Decorations - Mini Bow

Miniature Bows Cake Decorations

Many people have a little or no experience in making decorations for cakes. If you are one of them look at this video and it will teach you how to make mini bow with small ribbon tail which can be used for decorating cupcakes. This video shows you detailed step by step instructions that help you learn the whole procedure of making this lovely edible mini bow. Few steps shown on the video are very useful and anyone will be able to learn them in a short time.

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