Easy Kid’s Birthday Cakes

Make beautiful cakes for children using edible images

Your child will love their birthday photo cake! Imagine if you add child’s picture next to favorite character or object! We’ve seen it so many times – first disbelieve and then overwhelming joy and pride.

It is so easy to make an amazing kids birthday cake with edible photos.

You can bake your own or simply transform supermarket cake into peace of art with the help of edible cake stickers!

Here are some ideas to help you get inspired:

Birthday Photo Cakes for Girls

To make this cake:

A. You would need:

a. Cake in a shape of box, frosted with buttercream or fondant.

b. One digital image

c. Four edible images

B. Instructions

This cake is decorated in three simple steps:

1. Cover the cake with buttercream or fondant

2. Stick edible castle photos on all four sides of the cake

Note: You may add pictures of your choice on the windows, or you may let us do that for you

See Princess Castle Edible Image Cakes

Imagine the look on the face of your girl when she sees a favorite cartoon character on her birthday cake! Imagine if her face was right next to Tinkerbell!

Birthday Photo Cakes for Boys

What is your boy’s favorite cartoon or hobby? WE believe it would not be difficult to decide.

Tips: All you need is a simple square or round cake. then just decide on the favorite cartoon and send your kid’s picture along with the desired text. We will do the rest!

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