Luau Cakes

Luau Cakes - for a great Hawaiian luau party

My best friend Betty’s husband Gregory is military and they were being transferred to Hawaii. Our o

their friend Sarah who loves decorating cakes for just about any occasion you can think of, suggested we send them off with a luau party.

Sarah has a huge piece of property which actually has a palm trees. So it is the perfect place for a luau. Sarah and I spent hours looking for a luau cake design.

Sarah found some great luau cake ideas on Flickr. We decided on a rectangular cake with a doll dressed in a hula “grass skirt”. We did a sandy shoreline kissed by the bright blue ocean. She placed tiny surf boards, sea shells and starfish on the beach of chocolate icing with crushed vanilla wafers to create sand. It was a delightful cake, beautifully decorated.

I made cupcakes with little paper beach umbrellas. We knew the cake wasn’t going to be big enough for everyone who would be at the party. So many people in this community loved Sarah and Greg. My grandkids will miss Celia, Greg, Bobby and Mia. Believe it or not Betty was the one who got us interested in cake decorating. She taught Sarah and I how to use the different tips and how to little candies and figures to enhance our special cakes made for family and friends.

A friend suggested we go into business but we don’t want to deal with health permits, licenses, business plans, taxes, accountants and everything else that is involved with a bakery business. We do it for fun. We have done birthday and anniversary cakes for friends and we do lots of muffins and breakfast breads for the church’s monthly bake sales.

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