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How about Wedding in Las Vegas or Las Vegas Wedding Cakes?

Deborah McCoy country’s foremost authority on all aspects of wedding planning will personally help you to plan your Las Vegas Wedding.

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What do you think of when you think of a Las Vegas wedding?

I always used to think of some cheesy ceremony is a cramped little chapel with no one present to witness the happy occasion but the bride and groom, a hired witness and the officiant.

I recently found out; however that Las Vegas weddings and Las Vegas wedding cakes can be anything but cheap looking.

Las Vegas may have earned a reputation as being the home of the quickie wedding, but the wedding industry in Las Vegas today is no different than you would find anywhere else-except that it may be just a bit more fun!

So, how do I know this? No, I didn’t run off to Las Vegas to get married. :) Two close friends of mine did; however. At first, I have to admit, I thought they were a bit nutty.

It turns out; however that they had a really great time and managed to save a lot of money on their wedding. That doesn’t mean that they went the cheap route; though. The pictures of the cakes my friend showed me were absolutely breathtaking.

I asked her how she managed to find such beautiful cakes when she didn’t live near any of the bakeries. My friend explained to me that she looked at a lot of cake pictures before making her decision.

Many of the bakeries in Las Vegas posted cake pictures, including square wedding cake pictures, on their websites for brides who were planning to get married in Las Vegas.

This helped her to choose between unusual wedding cakes and designer wedding cakes. They actually arrived a few days before they had their wedding and she said that she was even able to go to the bakery and do a taste test and find out that some of the cakes were made with homemade cake recipes.

She finally decided on square cakes with a basket weave design.

From my friend I found out that shopping for Las Vegas wedding cakes really isn’t any different from shopping from any other kind of cake.

Having a Las Vegas wedding can be fun and glamorous and you don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful wedding cake. Many of the bakeries will even deliver the cake for you just like a birthday cake delivery.

If you think you might want to invite guests to your wedding, you can order a larger cake or even order bridal shower cakes as well.

Then, instead of having birthday cakes delivered, you can have your wedding cakes delivered to your Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Having a Las Vegas wedding is also the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your cake. You’ve probably seen some unique baby shower cake designs and even an interesting birthday cake design or two.

Las Vegas wedding cakes can be fun and whimsical too. Instead of a traditional bride and groom cake topper, why not try an Elvis cake topper?

How much fun would that be when you have your wedding in the city where Elvis is still King-especially when it comes to weddings!

Las Vegas wedding cakes pictures and more...

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