Italian Wedding Cake Ideas

Did you know that the best thing about Italian wedding cake is that it doesn’t have to be a wedding cake at all?

You could bake an Italian cake and take it as a great cake dessert to serve at just about any event. This cake is even great to take to a potluck at work or the neighborhood cookout.

Even people who tend to be kind of choosy will just rave over it. Start taking an Italian cake to your events and you’ll probably find that even if there are a ton of other kinds of cakes on the dessert table, there won’t be a bite of your Italian wedding cake left.

Besides taking what will become your famous Italian cake to potlucks, try making Italian wedding cake instead of traditional birthday cakes.

My family loves it. Even the little kids, who usually only like funny birthday cakes; won’t be able to get enough of your delicious Italian cake the next time you make it for someone’s birthday.

Don’t be surprised, though; if the really little kids think it’s funny to eat wedding cake for birthday cake. I always just laugh and take another bite of my wedding cake when they ask who’s getting married.

Besides the fact that I always get great compliments whenever I make this wedding cake, I really love this cake recipe because I learned to bake it at the same cooking class where I met my future husband.

After six weeks of class we were both in love-with Italian wedding cake and with one another.

Italian Wedding Cake Free Easy Recipe

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