Instructions How to Make Cake Pops

Here are some helpful videos that will help you make fun cake pops:

1. Instruction on how to pipe swirls on Cake Pops

This video will help you learn how to pipe swirls, and how to make vine and leaf design on Cake Pops. First it will explain you what you need for this decoration technique-piping bag with small tip, melt or chocolate for piping and ready cake pops.

Then you will find out how to hold your hands while making swirls and how to use piping bag for decorating your Cake Pops. This tutorial is very useful for those who want to learn the technique of piping Cake Pops.

Result - true peaces of art! Irresistibly beautiful!

How to Make Cake Pop Swirls

2. Step by step instruction how to make Cake Pops without The Oven

If you are interested in making adorable cake pops, this video gives you step by step instructions how to make them starting from the recipe for the cake.

Also you will see what supplies you need for making these pops which are actually cupcakes pops. An interesting tip is seen on this video-you don't have to bake your cake in the oven. Instead you can bake it in your microwave in 10 minutes instead in 40 that you need for baking in the oven.

When you finish making pops, you will see how you can decorate your cupcake pops with fun sprinkles. If you follow these instructions you will make very cute cupcake pops.

Cake Pops step by step instructions

3. Instruction how to bake Cake Pops

Cake Pops can be made in different ways. You can bake the cake, crumble it, mix it with frosting and then make the balls. Instead of doing so this video will show you how you can bake Cake Pops.

It is a review on how you can bake your cake pops using the bake pops set and what is included in this set-bake pop pans, clips, sticks, squeeze bottle, directions. After introducing the bake pops set you will see baking process and how you can make lovely round balls which you can decorate any way you like.

How to bake cake pops

4. How to add stripes to Cake Pops

This video is a short direction how to add stripes to your Cake Pops. Also you will find out what you need for making stripes on Cake Pops and what kind of chocolate is almost perfect for nice and even flow while adding stripes.

Also you will discover that some chocolates are allergy safe containing no celiac, peanut, tree nut and egg. Watching this video will help you learn the process of adding stripes to your Cake Pops finding out how easy it can be.

How to add stripes to cake pops

5. Tutorial on how to make Cake Pops similar to Rocky Road Cake Pops from Starbucks

If you like Rocky Road Cake Pops from Starbucks, this video will help you make Cake Pops that are similar to them. That is, this video is tutorial on how to make brownies from scratch and how to turn them into the Cake Pops.

It gives you the recipe for brownies, tells you what ingredients you need, how to mix the batter for brownies, how to make chocolate melt for coating Cake Pops, how to coat them and finally how to decorate them to look like Starbucks Cake Pops. Hope you will enjoy watching the video and that you will manage to make Cake Pops.

How to make Starbucks cake pops

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