Instructions How to Make Baby Shower Diaper Cake

I just got the instructions how to make baby shower diaper cake. Have you ever seen this kind of cake at a baby shower? It’s a really cute idea.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake 1 Baby Shower Diaper Cake 2

This year must be the year for babies because about a half dozen of my close friends are all having babies about the same time. With that many baby showers coming up I had to think of something that would be really cute and easy.

I finally decided on the baby shower diaper cake. A diaper cake is really a great idea because it’s so precious in addition to the fact that it’s easy on the pocketbook and it makes a fantastic decorative item as well as a usable gift for the mom-to-be.

The instructions how to make baby shower diaper cake are really simple. Even if you aren’t crafty at all, the directions won’t be hard to follow.

Here are the tips for the items you’ll need:

You’ll need about 2 ½ dozen medium disposable diapers. A lot of people try to use the small size; but they don’t work as well for the diaper cake. Besides, babies grow so fast; your mom-to-be will be glad to have the larger size.

A platter to serve the diaper cake on. You could also use a cardboard circle; about 16” in diameter.

24 yards of narrow width ribbon in whatever color you choose. You will use these to tie the diapers together to form the diaper cake.

2 ½ yards of 1” wide ribbon

9 ounce baby bottle

Adhesive tape

Assorted baby items such as pacifiers, rattlers, bibs, combs, teething rings, etc.

Instructions how to make baby shower diaper cake:

First, take 50 feet of the narrow ribbon and cut it into 1 foot lengths. Then, roll each diaper up and tie it with a section of 1 foot ribbon.

Next, you’ll begin forming the tiers of the diaper cake. Keep in mind; this will be a 3 tier cake. Use the baby bottle for the center of the first tier and stand about 6 of the rolled and tied diapers around it.

Take a length of the narrow ribbon and tie them around the bottle. Make sure you don’t tie it too loosely.

Then, create the second tier using the same directions except use 15 diapers. You won’t use a bottle for the center of this tier; instead you’ll use a few of the diapers to form an inner tier and then form the rest of the diapers around that.

Use a length of ribbon to tie them all together; as in the last step.

See how easy it is to follow these directions?

To create the third tier; use 27 diapers and follow the same instructions how to make baby shower diaper cake that you did in the last step.

Place some adhesive tape on the platter on place the first cake tier on it; this will be the largest tier.

Attach it to the tape. Place the second tier on the bottom tier; attach with tape and then assemble the third tier on the second tier and attach with tape. You should end with the smallest tier.

Tuck the miscellaneous baby items inside the ribbon around each tier. You can use more ribbon if you need; to make sure they are secure. To finish, use the 1” ribbon around each tier to make more secure and for a finished look.

See? Instructions how to make baby shower diaper cake are not hard at all!

See more instructions how to make baby shower diaper cake!

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