How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake

If you have ever met with a baker or cake designer you have an idea of how expensive a wedding cake can be.

You can make your own cake for less than half the cost of that designer wedding cake.

Although you have been making celebration cakes for years you may not have any idea of how to make your own wedding cake. We are here to help you. Cake Channel has just released an E-book Dream Cakes Made Easy!

This book includes more than 100 cake recipes from all over the world, 1500+ photos of celebration cakes with information about the artist. 500 of these pictures are of celebration cakes and the remainder are wedding cake photos.

There are detailed step by step instructions for 25 amazing celebration cakes. All of this is available to you for the rest of your life for under $40.00.

Before you start on your wedding cake, look at the stunning pictures that the Cake Channel and the e-book have. Fell free to mix and match elements from two or more cakes, you don’t have to stick to traditional round or square cakes, in fact you combine two or more shapes, if you so choose.

You may want to sketch the basic shape or style of your cake, including decorations. You can use a code of X’s and O’s or circles, squares and triangles for the different elements of your design.

Before you begin make sure you have all of the pans, spatulas, mixers, cardboard rounds or whatever tools you will need. Double check your ingredients to be certain you have everything your recipes calls for. An oven thermometer is a must to assure that your cakes will cook properly for the right amount of time.

The Dream Cakes Made Easy e-book has dozens of tips on unique and delicious flavors for both your cake and icing. Love the delicate flavor of almonds? You can have that. Would you prefer the more exotic taste of macadamia? You can have that too.

Do you want to make a rolled fondant icing for your wedding cake? There are resources to help you with that also. I would suggest you make a single layer cake and use rolled fondant icing as a practice piece. Your wedding cake is not the one you want to practice your new techniques on for the first time. A subscription to Dream Cakes will save you money and time.

Everything you need to know from choosing a design to go with your wedding theme to where to find the perfect cake topper can be found in the e book. Why not make a groom’s cake to compliment the wedding cake?

How will you store the cakes between the time you make them and the wedding? How far in advance can you make and decorate your cake? Do you have a plan set up for the cakes to be delivered and set up at reception site?

Whether you have created an elegant modern wedding cake, a traditional multi-tiered beauty, or something quirky and fun, the cake you create will be something you can point to with pride.

Be sure to have someone take pictures of each step along the way and especially the final product. Imagine looking at the pictures with your kids and grandkids at sometime in the future.

Also, send us a picture of the wedding cake you make yourself. Who knows it may wind up in future editions of Dream Cakes Made Easy.

We hope you are convinced that it is possible for you to make your own wedding cake and enjoy doing it.

Find step by step instructions and 1.500+ pictures at Dream Cakes Made Easy

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