How to Make Your Own Cake

You are here because you wander "how to make your own cake". You enjoy doing that and you want to be proud of your piece of art.

You are looking for some tips on how to make your own cake and you need those hard-to-find cake supplies?

Have I read your mind well :-) OK, Let's go...

Find Your Dream Cake Design


This is a piece on how to lower a cake price and make your own cake.

Enjoy at your 'expense' I discovered the art of paying less and getting more from Miss Ingridman, my second cousin. She was a lady whom you will simply love.

Why? Because like you, she expects the best in everything she does. For her marriage, she always wanted to go for a wedding cake which was something no one had ever come across.

At the same time she wanted it at a reasonable price. Ingrid was looking for a hard to find supply to make her own cake at the right kind of price. She also makes birthday cakes for the whole family and many other special occasion cakes.

Someone was slightly wrong when he or she said that the best things in life are not so easily available. They are, if you are looking at the right direction.

Hundreds of Wedding Cake Pictures

Anyway all her cakes look stunning and her wedding cake really looked gorgeous with dazzling decorations and chocolate covered strawberries. Even more mouthwatering was the fact that she made it all by herself.

Pssss...She disclosed the price to me three months after the wedding and I almost fell from the chair. I could not believe it. But no, she was right.

I guess that’s the way it is when you make your own wedding cake. Before deciding on a design of a wedding cake, she needed to have an idea about the cake style, number of layers and the type of decorations on her cake and frosting.

What is important to get what you want at a price that does not tug at your purse strings. She proved to me that you could make your own cakes which are common and which are not so common (classier ones), cakes with dazzling shapes, sizes and flavors at reasonable prices. Home

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