Instructions - How to Make Wedding Shower Towel Cake

Directions & Instructions - How to Make Wedding Shower Towel Cake

Your best friend is getting married and you are in charge of the shower.

If you want a unique centerpiece that doubles as a gift, why not make it. Here are instructions - how to make a wedding shower towel cake. It is easy and fun to do.

It is a idea is to match the colors the bride has chosen for her wedding. If that is being kept under wraps then just do a traditional white cake and add some color with the decorations.

To make the cake you will need:

  • 2 bath towels
  • 3 hand towels
  • 2 washcloths
  • a cake pan or pizza stand
  • safety pins
  • narrow ribbon, rubber bands, or elastic
  • real or artificial flowers
  • optional tiny pearl for the trim
  • small wedding rings
  • cake topper

    Step 1: Lay the bath towels out, ends overlapping slightly. Pin towels together then fold to a six inch width. Roll the long piece into a tight roll. Use a large rubber band or ribbon to hold the layer (coil) together.

    Step 2: Repeat step 1 with the hand towels. Directions I have found for towel cakes usually call for 2 hand towels, however I’ve found that using 3 makes the cake look more realistically like a second layer.

    Step 3: Repeat step one with the wash cloths. Fold the end of each coil under and pin closed. The pins will be hidden by ribbons and other trim.

    I like to spray a pizza pan white to use as a base, however many people prefer to use a cake stand.

    Now comes the fun. You get to decorate the cake and don’t have to worry about messing up the icing while placing and rearranging the decorations.

    Arrange the flowers at the base of each layer. I prefer silk flowers. You can take one or two flowers apart and scatter the petals on the cake.

    Next attach one end of a string of tiny pearls and create a scalloped look from the top of each layer. Now you have to choose a topper. You can get an inexpensive bride and groom. Other choices are a single large flower, or a bell. I have used both, as well as a large bath puff.

    What can you do if the bride has chosen a different shape for the wedding cake? You can still use this cake. However I get cardboard boxes or foam blocks and wrap them with a towel like you would wrap a present. Then stack and decorate as you I do a round tiered cake. You might need an extra set of towels to create these square or rectangular cakes.

    If you choose towels with vertical stripes, the rolled layers will give the appearance of a horizontal striped icing which has great visual appeal.

    These "cakes" can be made with kitchen towels, cloth place mats and napkins. Of course you would need more pieces for this. I use 8 to 10 towels for the first layer, 6 to 8 placemats for the 2nd and 6 to 8 wash cloths for the 3rd.

    Use paper towel rolls as a core to stabilize the cake. The cake is somewhat smaller than the one made with bath towels but can look every bit as elegant.

    Normally I use the kitchen linen cakes for housewarming gifts but have used them for wedding shower cakes.

    Wedding shower cakes don’t have to be done in white. You can choose colors that go with the brides wedding theme or with the colors of her new bath.

    Don’t be surprised if your friends or the shower guests ask you to make one of these exquisite, wedding shower towel cakes for another shower they will be attending.

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