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Homemade Cake Recipes - for the Best Cakes

The best gift that I have ever received was a collection of homemade cake recipes.

Not only was this a heartfelt gift, but I truly appreciated it because I knew that this collection contained the talent, knowledge and artistry of generations of people who came before me.

The collection was contained in a simple box, tied together with a ribbon; but it was quite large and extensive.

Inside were recipes and instructions for baby shower cake designs, bridal shower cakes, birthday cakes, designer wedding cakes and even some unusual wedding cakes.

I also found some instructions for baking perfect square cakes. That, by itself, was a priceless treasure. If you have tried baking a square cake, you know what I mean.

girl chef picture

There really is a trick to making sure that all your cakes come out even with no air bubbles!

You need to make sure that equal amounts of cake batter is placed in each pan; which is just one of the tricks I learned from the recipes that were shared with me.

Now, every time I see cake pictures I think of that thoughtful person who was so kind to share their homemade cake recipes with me years ago.

It doesn’t matter if it is Las Vegas wedding cakes or square wedding cake pictures. I’m sure you have some of your own favorite cake recipes and if not visit this page:

If you’re looking for a really great birthday cake design, be sure to ask your friends and family for ideas and designs.

Even a professional birthday cake delivery can’t compare to one that is created from the heart. Instead of having birthday cakes delivered next time, consider whipping out some of those old family favorite recipes!

You can bet that the cake you create will be both delicious and lovely.

Of course, I have always thought that the best gift was giving rather than receiving. (Not that I mind receiving gifts either :)

The next time that you’re searching for an idea for the perfect gift, whether it’s a bridal shower gift a birthday gift or a just because gift; think about sharing some your own homemade cake recipes.

Tie them up with a pretty ribbon or place them in a lovely recipe box. Whoever you decide to bestow your beloved homemade cake recipes upon will surely love theirs and treasure it as much as I have mine.

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