Heart Shaped Fun Cake Design

Heart Shaped Fun Cake Design - Decorating Ideas

There are many ways of making a beautiful heart shaped cake. Most of the people bake the cake easily but then can't decide how to decorate it.

Let's face it, everybody can bake a heart shaped cake, especially since there are so many great heart shaped baking trays for sale. But designing and decorating these cakes is what makes most people undecided. Here you will find two ways of decorating a heart shaped cake.

Heart cakes are elegant and can be great on a wedding or birthdays. For a stylish cake design you should use white sugar frosting and whipped cream for decoration. To finish the decoration you can use roses made of marzipan. This will look very stylish and it also tastes good.

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The other way of making a tasty and beautiful heart shaped cake is by putting strawberries on top of it and then pouring sweet red jelly over the whole thing. If you cover the whole cake with strawberries placed tight next to each other, it will look like a heart made of strawberries. This cake design is also great for children. It will look yummy and it will be yummy too

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