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Groom cakes used to be very fashionable in the U.K., but they have declined in popularity recently. However in the States they have had a resurgence of popularity. They normally reflect masculine interests or pastimes.

This cake is a chocolate fudge cake decorated with chocolate wedding icing. Ruffles and the white shirt crusted butter cream.


14 inch chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate Fondant for the ruffle

White fondant icing for the shirt’s white center ruffle

Chocolate buttons

Bow tie shaped out of fondant icing

Make the chocolate fudge cake and cut in half and fill with the icing for the filling. Cover the cake with the icing to coat the cake and leave overnight. To make the ruffle place cornstarch on the rolling pin and roll out the chocolate fondant icing.

The cross section in the diagram below illustrates the shape and angle you aiming for. There are several ways to make the ruffle it can be complicated or simple. It can be made at an angle as shown above.

I would roll out the chocolate fondant icing on parchment paper. Lift up the paper and place a chopping board underneath the chocolate at the angle shown. Make a ruffle for the other side by reversing the angles. If it is easier for you make a cardboard template of the shape of the white ruffle and roll out the white fondant icing to that approximate shape, and cut to measure the template.

To make the dickie bow, Use rolled fondant chocolate icing and roll out a ball for the center, and two triangles for the bow on either side, with the back of a knife make an indent in the triangles to make the bow have a three-dimensional affect.

To assemble the cake

Place the white ruffle in position as a guideline. Then place the two dark ruffles at the side and make an indent in the cake as to their position. Remove the white center and anchor the dark chocolate at an angle using a stiff chocolate butter cream icing for the backing. Adhere the white ruffle to the center with dabs of butter cream. Decorate the front with buttons using chocolate buttons or chips. Add the bow tie with icing.

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