Graduation Fun Cake Design

Graduation Fun Cake Design Ideas and Tips

For a graduation cake you can use several fun cake designs. Here are a few that proved to be the most popular.

You can make the whole cake look like a book, with a diploma on the middle. You can use paste to draw this on the cake. Don't forget the cover the cake with white frosting before you do anything else.

Another great tip is to use a graduation hat to decorate the cake. If you have the possibility, buy a small graduation hat and place it on the cake. There are a lot of plastic and ceramic cake toppers available on the internet.

If you don't find anything in time you can just draw on the cake a graduation hat. They can also be easily made from marzipan. For this you will only need black paste or some other kind of food coloring available in the supermarket.

frog cake picture

Ordering a frosting picture and putting it on the cake is also a great idea. If you do this then decorating the rest of the cake won't be hard. Just put some whipped cream on the borders and that's it. A graduation cake with a frosting picture is also great as a graduation present.

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