Graduation Cake Decorating Ideas

Graduation Cake Decorating Ideas - how to celebrate the occasion

Hat Graduation Cake

For this cake, you should bake three round layers. After baking and cooling all the layers, cut three sides of the layers to form square shape and the fourth side of the cake should stay round. Put the first one on the plate, grease it with the filling, place the second layer, then grease it and put the last layer and grease the whole cake with the rest filling.

Then you should cover the whole cake with the white fondant cutting the excess of the fondant.

After that, you are supposed to make the decoration. Use fondant colored in light green using food color. Make a stripe about 1cm wide and place it around the bottom of the cake.

Then make the petals out of the green fondant and the pestles out of the white fondant and form the flowers, which you will put on the 4 corners of the cake. Round side of the cake cover with green fondant, form the wrinkles and put white flower in the center of the cake using white fondant. And the cake is done.

Hat Graduation Cake Picture

Recipe for this cake Yellow Cake

Nelly Adams, NY

Book and Hat Graduation Cake

Bake four rectangular shaped layers and making the filling, you should put two bigger layers on the plate. Between them put the filling.

Then cover them with fondant colored in brown trying to make the shape of the book. Three sides of the book cover with white fondant and color it with light brown color using paint brush in order to achieve the book leaves look.

On one side of the book write the letters using icing bag. On top of the book place two smaller layers cover them with fondant and repeat the steps as for the first book.

When you have finished decorating books, you should make graduation hat out of one small layer which you will cover with blue fondant. On top of it, place a square plate made of blue fondant too. Next to the hat put a diploma which you will make out of white fondant wrapped in a roll and tied with a red ribbon made of red fondant. Enjoy this lovely cake!

Book Hat Graduation Cake

Recipe for this cake Chocolate milk cake

Nelly Adams, NY

Hat and Roses Graduation Cake

This chocolate cake is very delicious. When you have baked two square layers and prepared your favorite filling start with decoration. First you should place the layer on the plate and grease it with the filling. Then put another layer on top of it and grease it with the filling.

You should also grease the sides of the cake with the filling. After greasing the cake, use white fondant to cover the whole cake. Cut the excess of the fondant.

Around the bottom of the cake make some decorations out of the whipped cream using icing bag. On top of the cake put graduation hat made out of modeling chocolate colored in black. Then make roses out of blue fondant and leaves out of green fondant or you can simply buy flowers in specialized stores and put them on top of the cake three in a row on each side of the hat.

At the end write letters with whipped cream colored in black using icing bag. Also you may draw some decorations of your choice on the sides of the cake.

Hat and roses graduation cake

Recipe for this cake Moist chocolate cake

Math Graduation Cake

For this cake you have to bake three rectangular layers. Place one layer on the appropriate plate, grease it with the filling you have made before, place another layer and grease it with the filling as the previous one.

At the end place the third layer and grease every side of the cake. Then use fondant to cover the cake. Before covering color the fondant in blue using food color.

Make round stripes out of blue fondant and place them around the bottom of the cake, around the top edges of the cake and on the corners of the cake. In one corner on top of the cake place graduation hat which you have made out of black fondant or modeling chocolate.

On one side of the cake and on the top of the cake draw letters with the whipped cream using icing bag. Excellent cake for graduation.

Math Graduation Cake

Recipe for this cake Bohemian cake

Diploma Graduation Cake

This cake is 3 tier cake. Each tier consists of two layers and a cream. When you finish baking all the layers and making cream you should arrange two layers on each other and between them you should put cream.

Repeat this step two times until you have used all the layers and the cream. Then you should begin with the decorating. For the decoration you need fondant which you will have to color in dark blue color using eatable color.

Each tier, consisting of two layers and the cream in between, cover with blue fondant. When you finish covering the tiers start making decorations. Use fondant and make stripes and decorate the cake. Also you may make graduation hat, diploma and other decorations as seen on the picture in order to make the cake more interesting. Enjoy this lovely cake!

Diploma graduation cake

Recipe for this cake Spring Cake

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Ellie's story:

My friend Ellie’s son Mike recently graduated from law school. We looked everywhere for an appropriate cake to celebrate the occasion.

In the search I found and there we found the perfect cake design for Mike’s graduation celebration.

Ellie made a book cake without using a mold. It looked like a real book. She had used a very thin pointed knife to “draw” pages in the book. I made a gavel from a pretzel rod and a piece of cake and Mikey’s mom located the scales of justice at a flea market. We then rolled a piece of parchment and tied it with a thin piece of ribbon. Everyone who saw the cake at first glance thought that the book was real.

For my granddaughter who “graduated” from preschool we baked a cake in a ceramic bowl and a very thin square cookie to create the board for the cap. We did manage to use the mom’s HS tassel to create the look. Our cap was purple which has always been Sherry’s favorite color.

There are molds that you can use to make graduation cap cakes a bit easier and your biggest concern is to get the icing spread smoothly.

If you have a friend or relative who is graduating from a career school in the medical field why not decorate your cake with the symbols of that field, a toy syringe or stethoscope, a toothbrush and dental mirror.

Maybe your son-in-law or nephew is about to graduate from the police or fire department academy. Make your cake a uniform, hat and maybe a badge. Or even better make the cake a police car or fire truck.

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