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A fun horse cake design is great for all kids who like horses. If you have children that like animals and love horse riding, a fun horse cake is the best choice for you.

Even though making a horse cake might seem complicated, it really isn't so difficult. If you have ever made cakes before, you will be able to make a horse cake as well.

Horse cakes are of many kinds and sizes. You can buy horse cakes which have an image of a horse on them made of sugar frosting, and there are some which have the shape of a horse. These can be found in different colors, and it is easy to find one which is real fun. Colorful cakes are the best for birthday parties that you organize for children.

If you are an expert cook, than you can use a horse cake design where you make the horse from either dough or marzipan. You can shape it and decorate it with candy, and place it on the top of a simple cake. If you think that this is too complicated, you can create a beautiful horse cake in another way as well.

All you have to do is to find the picture of a horse, cut it, and put this form on the top of the cake. While leaving the form of the horse on top, you can use frosting or cream to cover the area around the horse. When you remove the paper, you will have the shape of a horse there!

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