Fun Hello Kitty Cake Design

Fun Hello Kitty Cake Design - Decorating Techniques

Hello Kitty is the favorite of many children but also of many adults. If you have a child or a friend who likes Hello Kitty, making them a Hello Kitty cake can be the best present. Here are a few ideas that might help you along the way.

First of all, you should keep the design simple. Most people try difficult, complicated designs which makes them frustrated and the result won't be so nice.

You can actually make a nice Hello Kitty cake from a simple round cake. It is easy to do this if you know how Hello Kitty looks. Basically the cake should be round and you can use two small triangles that you cut from the cake to make the ears of the cat.

hello kitty cake picture

You can cover the whole cake with sugar frosting afterwords, and add the eyes, whiskers, nose and bow. The cake should be white, the whiskers and the eyes black, and the bow and nose pink. You can use small candy to make these or paste.

There are also a lot of Hello Kitty figurines made of marzipan and candy, and if you find some of these it will make your work much easier. In this case you only have to cover the cake with white sugar frosting and put the figurines on top.

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