Fun Heart Cake Design

Fun Heart Cake Design - Decorating Ideas

Everybody should learn how to make a heart cake. They are great for birthdays, Valentine's day, or just as a present for your loved one.

There are heart shaped baking trays that you can buy in most supermarkets, which make it so easy for anyone to make a heart cake. If you don't have such a baking tray and you don't want to buy one, it is also OK.

It's easy to cut out a heart shape from a simple round cake. Before you do so draw a heart on a piece of cardboard, cut it, place it on the round cake and cut around it with a knife.

heart cake picture

There are endless ways of decorating a heart cake. One of the best ones is by using strawberries. In the springtime and summertime this is definitely the nicest way of making a heart cake. You will need a lot of strawberries so you can place them all right next to each other and cover the whole cake with them.

Make sure they are more or less of the same size. If you don't have strawberries you can use red colored sugar frosting and whipped cream. Small, red heart shaped candy looks great on the top of the cake.

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