Fun Frog Cake Design

Fun Frog Cake Design Ideas and Tips

There are many ways to make a frog cake, but if you read on you will learn the easiest of all of them.

For the frog cake described here you won't need expensive ingredients, hours of work in the kitchen and serious cooking experience. Anybody can make this cake, that's why it is so great!

You should choose your favorite cake recipe. It is better if it is one that you already tried, because then you won't have any bad surprises.

Bake the cake in a normal round tray. When the cake is baked you can fill it with some kind of cream, it's your choice which one. After you are done, you can turn it into a frog cake easily. For this you will need green sugar frosting, or you can add some green food color to whipped cream and use that instead.

frog cake picture

To make the eyes of the frog you can use candy, marshmallow, or whipped cream, nut it also looks great if you use two big muffins and stick it with sugar frosting to the top of the cake. Draw a smile on the cake with another color or whipped cream, and your frog cake is ready!

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