Fun Football Cake Design

Fun Football Cake Design Ideas and Tips

Making a football cake for your child's birthday is a great present, and it is also easier than you imagined.

You should bake the favorite cake of your child, and than just cut a little the edged on both sides, to make it look like a football. The essence of this cake is in its decoration. All in all you won't need many things for this cake, so if you don't have so much money for it, it will be still fine.

You can find food colorings in almost any supermarket. For a football you will only need brown color and that's it. If you don't want to use sugar frosting chocolate is also perfect, because it has a color just like a football. You can make chocolate frosting by melting milk chocolate and adding a spoonful of butter to it. Make sure that you put the chocolate on the cake while it is still hot.

This will make sure that it won't get too hard when it gets cool. It will start to get hard fast and than you won't be able to manipulate it as you want to. Ideally this chocolate frosting should be a half centimeter thick. To make the sown edges you can use whipped cream.

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