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Free wedding website trial have not been around when we have been planning our wedding. I wish it was! We would've had much nicer and cheaper wedding website.

In rush? Seven days FREE trial is here!

Ten days FREE trial is here!

Do you have a dream? Would you like to cherish your dream forever? Yes!? Then we are the same :-)

You may embrace your dreams in old-fashioned and modern way. I am old-fashion girl but when it comes to Internet I just cannot help it ... So, let me tell you my story: Our joy knew no bounds when we saw that our friends Nick and Susan (a lovely cute couple, I must say) jointly initiate a personal wedding website.

They were very so happy with it!
You would not believe how life is much easier if you have your personal wedding website. My friend’s wedding website has it all, a personal wish list, guest book, forum for members to list trivia about their wedding invitations, gift ideas and wedding favors.

You know I was wondering how I should tell about my wedding to my overseas friends and some other people who did not look like they would be present at the wedding.

However Nancy sprang to my rescue and told me about having my own personal wedding website. This idea worked well as for my wedding invitation cards.

I imprinted the name of my website through a link on the invitation card and the emails I send to my friends. I also directed them to my website through the link.

Not only did I get hits on my wedding website, but also people came to know all the information about my wedding, the guest list, the wedding favors, you know; the works. No, it was not a cyber wedding.

Later after my wedding, I uploaded our wonderful photos of the reception party and wedding cake photos. We could not believe the heaps of congratulatory mails we got and the wonderful reception we were exposed to.

This has encouraged other couples to post their wedding experiences, romantic escapades and even share their lovely wedding pics, on the wedding website.

In other words, my kind of wedding website would be a one-stop place for the most fascinating celebration man or woman has ever experienced - the wedding celebration.

Our web site is beautiful, but as I said, now you can get free wedding website trial and pay much less than we did.

Well, c'est la vie!

I found this great place which gives you seven days free wedding website trial and designs are so beautilul, they'll make me remarry my husband :-).

They are soooo romantic! No wonder they are my favorite. See them here!

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