Free Cake Decorating Patterns

Free Cake Decorating Patterns - for a special loved one!

Some cake decorating free patterns are created on parchment paper. A simple outline of a Santa, bird, etc created with pinholes.

The paper would be laid on top of the cake and dusted with powdered sugar. The baker could “draw” the design with icing by following the dots.

You can go on some web sites such as Flickr and find great inspiration. There were also some patterns and cutting diagrams to create every kind of cake you can imagine, from airplanes to houses, guitars, cars, books, trucks and much more.

If you can’t find specific cutting patterns use children’s coloring pages and cut them apart if necessary to create the templates needed to create a truck cab or trailer, cars, house parts, trains, gift boxes, books and much more.

You can make your own pattern with a pin on parchment or waxed paper. You can lay the pierced paper on the cake and then press on the paper with your hands. It will leave the imprint of your design on the cake and you can complete the decorating of your cake.

Go on line and search for free cake decorating patterns. You could also use quilt patterns to create some truly unique cake decorations that could help to create an absolutely stunning cake for a birthday, anniversary, bridal or baby shower cake.

If you want to make a special cake for your mom or grandmother take one of your daughter’s first grade drawings and use the pinhole pattern method to create a terrific cake that they will love, especially if little Jane’s original drawing is part of the surprise.

My daughter made a cake like this for her mother-in-law who thought it was her best birthday gift ever.

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