Free Cake Decorating Ideas

Free Cake Decorating Ideas - why not to try?

Here are a few tips about baking your cakes that will greatly influence how they will be affected by applying icing and other decorations.

First when greasing and flouring your cake pans do not use butter. Butter contains water and this could cause your cakes to be soggy. This can thin your icing and prevent it from adhering to your cake properly.

If your cakes aren’t rising the temperature may be too low. Get an oven thermometer because not all ovens are accurate.

When your cakes come out of the oven be sure to cool them completely on racks. If you apply icing to warm cakes it will run. Keep even pressure on your icing bag so that the thickness of the icing that is applied is even.

Did you know that you can freeze cakes for up to three months if well wrapped in aluminum foil?

Cane sugar used in icing holds the color better than beet sugar. You can get free cake decorating ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, patriotic holidays and other holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more.

You can make your cakes to look like cars, baby blocks, sports balls, animals, crosses, hearts, stars of David, menorahs, castles, teddy bears.

You can cut many of these designs without patterns but you can also purchase cake pans in an almost endless variety of shapes, animals and characters. Many years ago my mom made a cake in a coffee can for my cousin’s fourth of July birthday. She made red icing and stuck a licorice stick for a fuse in her “firecracker” cake.

One of my personal favorites is to use quilt patterns to ice square or rectangle cakes.

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