Fire Truck Fun Cake

Truck Fun Cake Design and Ideas

All boys dream of a fire truck cake. Unfortunately making such a cake can be quite hard, and it's not something that you make in a half hour. However, if you like baking, you can have a lot of fun and make your child happy.

If you follow some of these tips, you will see that actually it's not so hard to make a fire truck cake. You can choose your favorite cake recipe, and bake it.

After it's baked you should cut out squares from the dough, making them about 10 cm in diameter, depending on the desired size of the cake. You can use these squares to make the form of a truck: it should be a little bit higher in the front. This will be where the window of the truck is supposed to be.

The rest of the cake should be use to make the tires of the truck: just use a cup to make them nice and round. After you have all these pieces, you can just assemble them and and use sugar frosting or food coloring to give them the desired color. For the fire truck cake you will need red, yellow and black colors.

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