Finding Nemo Fun Cake Design

Finding Nemo Fun Cake Design - Decorating Tips

Finding Nemo is the favorite movie of many children, and if your child is a fan of this movie, you can surprise him or her on the next birthday party with a Finding Nemo Cake.

Even though such cakes can be bought from several shops, they are usually very expensive. So why not make it yourself? Here are a few tips that will make this easier for you.

For such a cake the most important ingredient is colorful sugar frosting and colorful candy. You can bake your favorite cake, adding the flavor your kids like the most, because the essence of this cake lies in the decorations.

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You should cover the whole cake with blue sugar frosting, no matter what kind of shape it has. After you're done you should start decorating it with the characters from Finding Nemo. It's easy to shape small fishes out of marzipan for example, and if you don't feel up to it you can also find these in many supermarkets.

Besides the fishes you should decorate the cake with green candy, which will give the impression of seaweed. To make it even nicer and more realistic, add round white or transparent candy for the bubbles.

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