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Cupcakes are easy to prepare and they look great, no matter which type you make and what kind of recipe you use. An important part of a cupcake besides its flavor is the cupcake liner.

Not only that this piece is indispensable, but it can make even a plain cupcake stand out and look lovely in a display. For weddings, birthday parties and other occasions the cupcake liners can have a very nice effect. If you choose the right cupcake liners that fit with the rest of the decorations, these delicious deserts can become the center of attention. Using different types of cupcake liners for different flavored cupcakes is an easy way to separate your cupcakes when you serve them.

The best cupcake liners are not only pretty looking with a lovely color and nice decorative patterns, but they are also made of the right kind of material. The best cupcake liners are made of high quality greaseproof paper. If you use cheaper cupcake liners with lower quality, you risk ruining the cupcakes, because they will be very hard to separate from the paper. If you want your guests to enjoy their cupcakes without trouble, make sure your cupcake liners are made of good grease proof paper.

Cupcake liners can be of more sizes. Some of them are tiny, and some of them are the standard size, but there can be also custom sizes according to the wishes of the customer. The standard cupcake liners have a 2” bottom and 1-¼” height.

Types of cupcake liners:

-Standard Size Cupcake Liners

-Mini cupcake liners

-Custom cupcake liners

-Other baking cups

Standard Size Cupcake Liners

Standard Size cupcake liners are the most popular ones, and if you have a regular cupcake recipe these are the best ones to choose. Usually they come in many colors and also with patterns, such as the polka dot cupcake liners, the striped cupcake liners, or even the damask cupcake liners, the ones with swirls and houndstooth cupcake liners. While most of these are made of grease proof paper, there are fancier ones that are made of tin foil on the outside and they have a lovely shine. The tin foil liners can be perfect for a special occasion.

Color cupcake liners will nicely compliment your theme party:pink or red for Valentine, brown for Thanksgiving, yellow for fall, black for elegant theme parties...

Price: 39.95 for 500 liners

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Polka dot is very popular these days and you can't go wrong with choosing this design. Choose any color from black polka dot cupcake liners to pink...

Price: 39.95 for 500 liners

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Zebra design is seen everywhere nowadays. If you want to be trendy, use either black or pink zebra cupcake liner design.

Price: 39.95 for 500 liners

Choose Color:

If you want to add elegant touch to your cupcake tree choose foil cupcake liners. Choose the color according to your party theme. Most popular are gold and silver.

Price: 49.95 for 500 liners

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Mini cupcake liners

Mini cupcake liners also similarly come in a great variety of colors and patterns, but they are smaller than the standard size. Some people prefer these bite sized cupcakes, and they have a very elegant appearance.

Note: If you want to place the order for mini cupcake liners, use the upper buttons since the prices are the same, just please write the note that the order is for mini liners.


Custom cupcake liners are a great choice if you are making a theme party or you have a special decorative pattern that you like a lot. There are some bakery supply companies that can make you your very own custom cupcake liners.

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Cupcakes are known to be round but there are some other baking cups that are somewhat different. You can use cupcake recipes and use square baking cups instead of the standard cupcake liners. This way you can use the same recipe and make something that looks different. Tulip cups are also something beautiful and they are great to make sure that you have variety on a special occasion.

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