Easy Wedding Cakes - Ideas and Designs

Create Amazing Wedding Cakes with Ease

Yes, you can have an absolutely gorgeous, classy wedding cake without spending a fortune.

You may ask your baker to make just a basic buttercream or fondant covered cake and you can easily do the rest.

Carefully chose your most precious pictures from the best times of your life. It could be your childhood,or the time you have been dating four fiance or you can mix them all together, reserving one tear for each period of your life.

You may also choose some elegant pictures that would beautifully compliment your wedding theme.

Have a look at some sample wedding cakes below. They are all very easy to make using edible images as the main decoration:

1. Three Tier Round Wedding Cake


A. You would need:

a. Three tier simple cake covered with fondant (bottom and top tier white fondant and middle tier covered with pink fondant). If you want to make a fondant cake by yourself, find step by step instructions here!

b. One black edible ribbon

c. “Polka dots” edible image sheets (number of sheets depend on the size of your cake)

d. Cupcake edible image sheets (number depends on the size of the cake)

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This cake is decorated in three simple steps:

1. Wrap polka dot edible images around the first tier

2. Wrap a black ribbon around your cake

4. Stick cupcake edible images to the third tier

2. Four Tier Round Wedding Photo Cake

A. You would need:

a. Round or hexagonal fondant wedding cake made by a professional baker, friend or by yourself.
You may choose as many tiers as you wish, and any color you wish. We suggest a white color however, since
it works the best with pictures.

b. Edible pictures to adorn your cake with

Suggestion: It is a nice idea to adorn your wedding cake with the pictures from our best, fun dating and engagement moments or from the childhood to this day.

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Simply stick our edible images to the cake

3. Two Tier Pink Stripes Wedding Cake

A. You would need:

a. Two tier white fondant wedding cake (bottom tier is higher than the upper one)
You may choose any color you like, but we think that black and white/pink straps go along very well.

b. Pink and white stripes edible cake image

c. Edible vintage picture frame with your picture on it

B. Instructions:

a. Stick pink and white stripes edible image to the bottom tier

b. Stick our picture in the vintage frame

4. Easy Small Wedding Cake with Rose

A. You would need:

a. One tier small white buttercream or fondant cake

b. Edible black and white stripes image

3. Big red flower
Flower may be made from gumpaste, natural or artificial flower. We recommend well fresh, well washed, open rose on the wire. It will look great on this elegant cake.

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B. Instructions:

Simply glue the edible image to the cake and stick the rose.

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