Easy Wedding Anniversary Cake

Create gorgeous wedding anniversary cakes with edible images

Wedding anniversary cake ideas and pictures are here for you to help you get inspired!

You can make a collage of some old letters, or newspaper articles from the era … you may use some other family memorabilia and just add old wedding pictures … possibilities are endless…

Just send us your digital image and we will o the rest. You may also choose one of the suggested images below.

Image by Dreamstime

To make this cake:

A. You would need:

a. Square box-shaped cake frosted with buttercream or fondant. Top of the cake should be black and bottom white.

b. One digital image

c. Four edible images from our Easy Shop

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B. Instructions

This cake is decorated in three simple steps:

1. Cover the cake with buttercream or fondant

2. Wrap edible image on all four sides of the cake

For a beautiful, unique engagement cake we suggest these images:

We can customize them for you by inserting your text or pictures.

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