Easy High Tea Cakes

Make a beautiful cakes with the help of edible images

If you want your Afternoon or High Tea Party to be a talk of the month (maybe a year), add some classy image to the cake and wait for your guests’ reactions!

High tea parties are very fashionable these days and everybody would like to make them as elegant as possible.

Many go for a vintage (retro) or even antique (Victorian) look, some prefer ultra modern style and themes.

Whichever way you go, remember to keep your cake in the same style.

If you are planning a kid's tea party, you would need to chose colors and pictures or cartoons that are their favorites.

Here are some samples that might help you get the ideas:

1. Round High Tea Party Cakes

This cake is basically simple round cake adorned with the elegant, edible tea party illustration.

To make this cake:

A. You would need:

a. Small pink cake frosted with buttercream or fondant

b. One digital image

c. One edible image

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B. Instructions:

Simply glue the edible image to the top of the cake

2. Square Afternoon Tea Party Cake

A. You would need:

a. Square cake frosted with buttercream

b. One digital image from our Easy Shop

c. One edible images from our shop

B. Instructions:

Simply glue the edible images to the cake

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Afternoon Tea Party Images from Dreamstime:

tea party cake edibletopper
afternoon high tea party cake
Kids afternoon tea party cak

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