Easy Cupcakes

Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas and Designs

Here you find the ideas hos to make a stunning cupcakes with the use of edible images and ready made decorations!

If you want to have out of ordinary cupcake decorations, all you need to do is:

1. Buy a cupcakes or make them either from scratch or using a cake mix

2. Buy Edible photo cupcake toppers

To help you get the ideas, we have prepared a beautiful cupcake image gallery for you. Find here samples of cupcakes for baby shower, kids birthdays, weddings and more…

Cupcake Photo Toppers

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Here are some great ideas how to make absolutely beautiful, unique baby shower cupcakes with edible images.

Photo Cupcake Toppers:

You may use all kinds of baby images to create unique, amazing baby shower cupcakes.

If you, by any chance, have baby’s ultra sound images, you may use those or how about a picture of mom-to be? Any baby object picture or clip art would also look great.

Boy Baby Shower:

Girl Baby Shower:

Wedding or Birthday Photo Cupcakes:

Sky is the limit when it comes to decorating with edible images. You may use photograph of the person or nature, you may use the pattern, favorite cartoon character …possibilities are endless…

Here are some ideas how you can decorate cupcakes with our edible images.

Elegant Black and Purple Edible Cupcake Image Toppers

Black and White Photo Cupcakes:

To make the above cupcakes:

A. You would need:

a. Cupcakes with the flat frosting (we recommend fondant or marzipan)

b. One set of digital cupcake toppers images from our Easy Shop

c. One sheet edible cupcake images from our shop (number depends on the number of the cupcakes – see details in our Easy Shop.

Visit our Easy Shop to place the order

B. Instructions

These cupcakes are decorated in one easy step:

Stick cupcake edible images on the top of freshly frosted cupcakes and voila!

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